DJ Velveteen is a believer in the power of womp.

In these modern nights, we humans live in an environment
far derived from the primal, timeless ancestral foliage.
No longer squeezing the soil between our sensitive toes,
we now tread the impermeable concrete with rubber soles.
Still, some know the truth: that we are one human tribe,
and maintain the ancient traditions in their new guises.

We have traded cave paintings for spraypainted alleyways
and ward off the darkness with torches and glowing toys.
We still flee the jungle's hungry and dangerous enemies,
who have traded scary teeth and wicked claws for Tasers.
The dumpster is our scavenger's den, the club our oasis.

In our concrete jungle, one figure stands out with goals
of healing, peace, and reconciliation in new dark times.
Where ancient cultures had shamans to heal sick mind and
body, these times have the DJ, keeper of sacred rhythms.
These precious beats goad mind, body, and soul away from
ego's distraction toward states of holy interconnection.

Website by Mitch V, art by PussInBoots